May 18, 2016

Nov 18, 2002 Winsock.NET - CodeProject Oct 28, 2005 networking - How to reset Winsock without reboot - Server @MichaelHampton in Windows is asked to restart as a solution to almost everything, while often some system modifications could work just restarting Explorer.exe or some specific services. By the way I don't know if a winsock reset is into these cases or not. But I still wonder if a reboot is really needed or not – Kamafeather May 26 '14 at

VB6 winsock control: closing a connection and connecting

How to Do a Winsock Reset | Techwalla

Sep 17, 2012

Solution : How to reset VB winsock receive buffer flag or clear buffer through code? When transferring data, break the data into small chunks. Send the chunks one at a time, and when you receive them, send back an acknowledgment. Wait until you receive an acknowledgment for … Windows 10 - Learn how to reset your TCP/IP and Winsock May 18, 2016 Reset TCP/IP Stack on Windows & Mac (2020 Guide) | Geek's Aug 23, 2019 How to Clear DNS Cache on Windows 10 | SYSNETTECH Solutions