The Internet started in the 1960s as a way for government researchers to share information. Computers in the '60s were large and immobile and in order to make use of information stored in any one computer, one had to either travel to the site of the computer or have magnetic computer tapes sent through the conventional postal system.

History of the Internet and Inventor Tim Berners-Lee 2019-2-11 · Before there was the public internet there was the internet's forerunner ARPAnet or Advanced Research Projects Agency Networks. ARPAnet was funded by the United States military after the cold war with the aim of having a military command and control center that could withstand a nuclear attack. The point was to distribute information between geographically dispersed computers. Type of Home Internet Connection | Many internet connection types offer a range of internet speeds, so in some regions, shoppers can get similar speeds from a variety of providers. In other areas, one type of internet connection may be distinctly slower or faster than another type. History of the Internet | Internet Society

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The first iteration of the Internet available for commercial use was dial-up. Dial-up Internet required a phone-line to operate, so phone calls couldn’t be made using a landline while the Internet was in use. Speed was a significant issue in the early days. By 1998, the best connection users could hope for was 56Kbps. However, slow internet connection problems are becoming more common. The speed of your internet connection is based on a number of factors. If any of these factors are hampered, the overall connection speed will slow. Some causes of slow internet connection are beyond your control. For example a poor Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The impact slowed or disabled internet connection for five days within the Asia-Pacific region as well as between the region and the United States and Europe. With the rise in popularity of cloud computing, concern has grown over access to cloud-hosted data in the event of a natural disaster. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been in the news for

In 2016, residential cable connection speeds are topping out at 2 Gbps. To understand how large that growth is, we’ve put together a handy graph that helps put these internet speeds into perspective. For more information, be sure to check out our pages on America’s Internet Leadership and Closing the Digital Divide. Sep 30, 2008 · I have both a work computer and personal computer on the same wireless network in my home office. I am sure they can view my browser and internet actions on the work computer when on their VPN, but since my personal computer is on the same network; can they get into/see my browser history/log ins, on my personal computer? An extensive history, saved downloads, cookies and cached images can all contribute to a slower connection. The steps to do so will vary based on the browser you use, but the steps for Chrome are An alternative view of history tracks the history of the Internet as the ubiquitous use of electronic "online" communications. The history belongs at the applications level - with the development of email, with the progression from proprietary databases to Gopher and Wais to the World Wide Web, and from newsgroups and conferencing (eg BITnet Although we think of the Internet as a new entity, its origins date back over 40 years. Here's a brief timeline highlighting important dates in Internet history. When we talk about the Internet, we talk about the World Wide Web from the past four or five years. But, its history goes back a lot further; all the way back to the 1950s and 60s. Satellite. Satellite accesses the internet via a satellite in Earth’s orbit. The enormous distance that a signal travels from earth to satellite and back again, provides a delayed connection compared to cable and DSL. Satellite connection speeds are around 512K to 2.0 Mbps. Cellular.