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US and China are both raising the military stakes in the China’s air force held live-fire drills and sent more fighter jets to its base on disputed Woody Island in the South China Sea last week, as the US Navy steps up drills and freedom of navigation TikTok: How app got caught up in the US-China clash - BBC News Jul 21, 2020 'Zero truth': TikTok says China does not have access to A European executive of popular video-sharing app TikTok says the Chinese Communist Party does not have access to users' personal information, dismissing the claim as "utterly false".

TikTok to Withdraw From Hong Kong as Tech Giants Halt Data

Jul 02, 2020 Facebook Gains Status in China, at Least for a Moment Jul 24, 2018

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TikTok, which is not available in China, - India Today TikTok, which is not available in China, is owned by China’s ByteDance but has sought to distance itself from its Chinese roots to appeal to a global audience. TikTok distances from Beijing in response to India app ban Mark Zuckerberg’s Long March to China | MIT Technology Review Oct 18, 2016