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Though Comcast tiers vary based on region, the fastest upload speed available in my market is 10Mbps, unless I pay a lot more for gigabit. The tiers in my market are: 15/2. 60/5. 150/5. 250/10. 400/10. 1000/35. 2000/2000. Why are Comcast's upload speeds so low compared to other cable providers? I know it's not a limitation of the technology. Maximize upload and download speed - OneDrive It might help to upload or download at night, when the connection is getting less use from other people in your area. Before you begin transferring a large amount of data, make sure your computer isn't set to go to sleep. If it goes to sleep, all uploading and downloading will stop. To test your connection speed, search the web for "bandwidth I’m experiencing slow performance on my entire eero

Why does the download test work, but not the upload test

Why is my Upload Speed So SLOW? Best Fix Methods [2020]

@Oliver1103 upload speeds are tricky especially on long line like yours.First point is Openreach give no guarantees on upload speeds so getting them to accept a fault is difficult. Second point is upstream tends to use higher frequency carriers which attenuate more quickly than the lower frequencies so longer lines often have low upload figures but surprisingly you have data on all 6 bands

Why Are Upload Speeds So Much Slower than Download Speeds Aug 15, 2018 Upload speed randomly dropping very low - Internet Upload speed randomly dropping very low Serriph over 4 years ago So for the past few months I have been having an issue where my upload speeds will randomly drop to almost nonexistent levels which is very frustrating because I play very latency precise games and also stream video to twitch.tv, which also happens to be a decent source of income Solved: Why upload speed is so slow? - Xfinity Help and My monthly Internet plan is 100mbps. The actual download speed is around 115mbps but the upload speed is merely 4mbps, that is only 3% of what is claimed to be. I understand that because Comcast use Coaxial Cable to transfer data so upload will be slower than download but a 4mbps is unacceptable s