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Server-side LDAPS encrypts LDAP communications between your commercial or homegrown LDAP-aware applications (acting as LDAP clients) and AWS Managed Microsoft AD (acting as an LDAP server). For more information, see Enable Server-Side LDAPS Using AWS Managed Microsoft AD. Azure AD Connect Configuration Documenter - GitHub Documentation of the complete configuration of Azure AD Connect sync. Documentation of any changes in the configuration of two Azure AD Connect sync servers or changes from a given configuration baseline. Generation of the PowerShell deployment script to migrate the sync rule differences or customizations from one server to another. Prerequisites: windows server 2012 r2 - Preserving AD Configuration (User You can't join a Domain Controller to a different Active Directory domain. The whole Raison d'être of a DC is managing a domain, it's simply not possible to remove it from the domain it manages and/or join it to a different one. This is so critical for a DC that if AD services can't start properly, the server … What should the order of DNS servers be for an AD Domain According to this link and the Windows Server 2008 R2 Best Practices Analyzer, the loopback address should be in the list, but never as the primary DNS server. In certain situations like a topology change, this could break replication and cause a server to be "on an island" as far as replication is concerned.

Install Active Directory on Windows Server 2012

Before the AD configuration process, we need to install the AD-DS Role in the given server. In order to do that we can use the Following command. Install-WindowsFeature –Name AD-Domain-Services –IncludeManagementTools`

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