gpg --delete-secret-key "User Name" This deletes the secret key from your secret key ring. To list the keys in your public key ring: gpg --list-keys. To list the keys in your secret key ring: gpg --list-secret-keys. To generate a short list of numbers that you can use via an alternative method to verify a public key, use: gpg --fingerprint

alice% gpg --output doc.gpg --encrypt --recipient doc: The --recipient option is used once for each recipient and takes an extra argument specifying the public key to which the document should be encrypted. The encrypted document can only be decrypted by someone with a private key that complements one of the recipients' public keys. How To Use GPG to Encrypt and Sign Messages | DigitalOcean May 26, 2017 Linux: HowTo Encrypt And Decrypt Files With A Password Apr 08, 2005 Use GPG to encrypt files on IU's research supercomputers

Encrypting and decrypting documents - GNU Privacy Guard

However the accepted answer of gpg --decrypt-files *.gpg is far more secure because GnuPG is the only application handling your password. Best PGP/GPG Encrypt/Decrypt Script. 7. How can CMD successfully create and delete folder with the name of DOS device more hot questions Question feed How can I encrypt a folder using gpg? | MacRumors Forums Oct 03, 2017 How to Encrypt Individual Files and Folders in Windows 10

How to Use 7-Zip to Encrypt Files and Folders

Have managed to do something like this, today: Changed directory to the directory containing the target files, and ran a Bash script to find the required file_names and list them to a text file which I called found.txt.. Ran a Bash script asking gpg2 to read each file name in a loop and into a memory variable, and in the same loop to encrypt it using my signing key and specifying that it was How do I encrypt files with GPG4Win? - TechRepublic Sep 24, 2008