Oct 01, 2019

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What is the FCC going to do about millions of bot comments

ITPA Comment: Net neutrality under threat from latest NBN ITPA Comment: Net neutrality under threat from latest NBN Co. gamers dog whistle : NBN’s hint at potential ‘grooming’ of gamers for excessive bandwidth usage a clear breach of consumer rights and a regression to the sort of uninformed technical discourse not seen since the 1990s. news News and Press Releases for Information Technology Professionals Association Australia Net Neutrality | US News Feb 14, 2019

Patriarchs meet in Lebanon to discuss political neutrality

Ever since the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) released the paper on OTT, a lot of buzz has been generated, not only among the various industry people but also the common public about Net Neutrality and how it will change the course of one's usage patterns of internet; with telecom operators curtailing and curating what one can watch on the World Wide Web.