Why does my cable internet keep going off? — Penny Arcade

Ours routinely goes down during the day, as that's when they do their maintenance (figuring more people are on the internet in the evening). We also experienced slow-down and dropped signals when Internet cuts out randomly on ONLY my computer. - July Jul 03, 2018 25 Ways To Continue Working When You Lose Your Internet

Jan 24, 2013 · While it doesn't happen to me as often, my roommate loses all internet connection when the TV is turned on. We have a Samsung Smart TV and a HD cable box. Basically what happens is that we lose internet functionality (no websites load, games freeze, etc), but Windows reports a full router connection and full internet access.

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Jun 05, 2020

Suppose if i start downloading a movie my internet connection goes off with in 10 minutes..To up the connection i disable the Local area connection and it goes to not responding mode and i restart Lastly, I changed the MTU from 1500 to 1492, hoping it'll change something. On a side note, the cable that exits the wall in my room has the end cut off, and is manually connected to a little box Re: Internet comes and goes, on and off, almost like a pause, packet loss. Techs can't figure it out Comcast will give you the runaround and make you call techs that are just reading a script 100s of times before they actually fix anything unless you threaten to cancel services.